In the district of Döşemealtı in Türkiye’s Antalya province, the end of the harvest season brings a flurry of activity across hundreds of acres of agricultural land.

In spring, women labor for days harvesting agricultural produce, while in summer, they toil to ensure that carpets and rugs, left out in the sun, fade to pastel hues and are later cleaned.

These hardworking women also play a pivotal role in the visual spectacle created as valuable carpets and rugs grace the fields.

Employed seasonally by carpet companies, these women meticulously lay out carpets in 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) heat daily, contributing to their family’s economy.

They diligently correct any carpets blown or curled by the wind and periodically rid them of dust amid challenging terrain notorious for constant dust due to wind.

On days when rain is forecasted, these women swiftly gather and store carpets in covered areas, only to spread them out again after the rain subsides.

Their daily dedication ensures that these carpets, transformed into pastels through their meticulous effort, are harvested starting in September and shipped to overseas markets.

Ayşe Akbaba, the field supervisor at a carpet trading company in the Killik neighborhood, shared with Anadolu Agency (AA) that they worked in the carpet fields for three months.

“Our workday in the ‘carpet field’ starts at 8 a.m.,” Akbaba said, noting that 80% of the workforce comprises women from surrounding villages striving to support their families. “They handle carpets with a woman’s touch.”

Worker Döndü Özmen mentioned rotating the direction of carpets daily and highlighted challenges due to hot weather. “I sometimes marvel at carpets I’ve worked on, especially Döşemealtı carpets and kilims,” she added.

Huriye Okçu expressed delight in working in the carpet fields, emphasizing, “Working here contributes to my household economy. I am happy working here.”

High school student Sena Orman described spreading washed carpets in fields with her fellow student friends. “During winter, I study at school. During summer, I earn my pocket money here. My dream is to excel in university and have a good career,” she shared.

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