In fulfillment of the last wish of Infantry Staff Sergeant Mehmet Ali Horoz, who was martyred in a clash with PKK terrorists in the Pençe-Kilit Operation area, the Colors of Africa Association opened a water well in Kousseri, Cameroon.

The Association’s President, Yavuz Atalay, told an AA correspondent that they learned of Horoz’s wish to have a water well opened in Africa in his name before he was martyred.

Atalay stated that a water well named after Martyr Mehmet Ali Horoz was opened in Hille Haussa village, Kousseri, Cameroon. “Upon hearing our martyr’s last wish, we immediately started our work, identified a needy village, and opened the well. We thank all our donors who supported us. We will continue to keep the names of our martyrs alive in Africa,” he said.

Atalay emphasized that the well provides clean and safe water to 1,300 people living in Hille Haussa village. “Established in 2020, the Colors of Africa Association has named its wells after martyrs and has opened 26 water wells in different regions of Africa in memory of our martyrs,” he added.

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