The 21st Indoor Embassy Cup Tournament organized in cooperation between Türkiye’s Yunus Emre Institute (YEE) and Potsdam Municipality took place in Potsdam, Germany.

The Spanish Embassy won the tournament, followed by the French and German teams.

The Spanish team celebrates after their victory. (Photo Courtesy of YEE)

Around 300 people participated in the tournament, which brought different cultures together and introduced delicacies of the Turkish cuisine.

Eleven teams took part, including the German Foreign Ministry, Turkish, Azerbaijani, French, Polish, Spanish, Kosovar, Moroccan, Romanian and Moldovan embassies in Berlin.

Turkish food offered at the tournament. (Photo Courtesy of YEE)
Turkish food offered at the tournament. (Photo Courtesy of YEE)

Named after famous 14th-century poet Yunus Emre, Türkiye’s largest institute promoting Turkish language and culture worldwide aims to reach 1 million people and open its 100th center in the year that marks the 100th year of the Turkish republic.

The institute, which was established 10 years ago, is now fulfilling its mission with more than 80 institutes on five continents.

Since its establishment, the institute has acquainted millions of individuals with the Turkish language and culture through in-person and online Turkish courses.

According to year-end data, the increasing global demand for Türkiye and Turkish culture in 2023 was met through Turkish language teaching activities at institute centers and online platforms.

The institute has already declared it aims to expand its representation and establish lasting connections through the Turkish language.

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