The Ministry of National Defense released a video conveying the success messages from Mehmetçik to the National Football Team, which will compete for a spot in the semi-finals against the Netherlands in the 2024 European Football Championship (EURO 2024).

The Ministry shared a special video on its social media accounts for the National Football Team ahead of today’s quarter-final match between Türkiye and the Netherlands in the 2024 European Football Championship.

In the video, Mehmetçik, serving on land, sea, and air, displayed Turkish flags and the national team jersey while wishing the national team success.

The message shared in the post included the following: “National spirit, national strength. From the fearless and heroic Mehmetçik of our Turkish Armed Forces, a message to ‘Our Boys’ who will compete for a semi-final spot against the Netherlands this evening: Every success our National Football Team achieves in EURO 2024 will bring joy not only to our nation but also to our soldiers serving in the vast mountains, relentless seas, and boundless skies. Come on Türkiye, let’s achieve victory together.”

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