An agreement regarding cooperation in the field of education and the transfer of a school in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, to the Turkish Maarif Foundation (TMV) was signed on Thursday.

The signing ceremony of the “Memorandum of Understanding between the Türkiye Maarif Foundation and the Government of Zambia” took place at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the participation of TMV President Birol Akgün and Zambian Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Mulambo Haimbe.

Speaking before the ceremony, Akgün expressed his satisfaction with the signing of the memorandum, stating their decision to sign this agreement and enhance cooperation in education during their meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs two days earlier.

Akgün highlighted the TMV’s transition to international education within a few years, expressing pride in this achievement. He noted that the TMV not only provides quality education through educational institutions in many countries but also contributes to the development of human capital in those countries, nurturing generations familiar with Türkiye, proficient in Turkish and knowledgeable about Turkish culture and traditions.

Akgün emphasized that these generations will serve as vital “human bridges” between nations. He noted that the TMV operates 465 educational institutions across 52 countries, with Zambia becoming the 53rd. Notably, 500 students have already enrolled in the Maarif school in Zambia.

Pointing out the TMV’s active presence in Africa, Akgün mentioned that they educate over 20,000 students in 25 countries on the continent, highlighting the contribution of educational institutions to the already strong Türkiye-Africa relations. He underscored that this agreement will further elevate educational relations with Zambia.

Haimbe expressed his appreciation at the signing ceremony regarding the institution previously known as the “Horizon School” in Lusaka. He stated, “This ceremony demonstrates unwavering determination from both countries to enhance bilateral relations and benefit our peoples mutually.”

Haimbe also mentioned receiving confirmation during the 3rd Zambia-Türkiye Political Consultations held in Lusaka on Nov. 6, 2023, that the TMV was ready to sign the memorandum, emphasizing positive discussions on the need to enhance cooperation in education. He explained that after the Zambian Ministry of Education began monitoring the school’s activities in October 2020, all management and operations will now be transferred to TMV.

Haimbe expressed confidence that the TMV will bring a standard of education to the school and ultimately benefit the Zambian people. He emphasized their commitment to this process, stating: “This will benefit the Zambian people and ultimately the entire country. We are committed to this process.”

Highlighting intentions to deepen cooperation between Türkiye and Zambia in various fields such as mining, energy, agriculture, trade, investment, technology and innovation, Haimbe mentioned collaboration in education through universities, exchange programs and scholarships. He also mentioned efforts toward holding “Joint Economic Commission” meetings in Türkiye in the coming days, aiming to create an investment atmosphere for the private sector in areas like renewable energy, where Zambia has established an investment framework that Turkish businesses can benefit from.

Following the speeches, the signing ceremony took place.

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