U.S. President Joe Biden, facing pressure to withdraw from the election race and criticism about himself, responded by saying he would not withdraw. Following this statement, Biden made another gaffe, saying, “I’ll defeat Trump in 2020.”

During a campaign event in Wisconsin, Biden spoke about the election.

Biden mentioned that many speculations were made following his live debate with Donald Trump, saying, “They are asking what Biden will do. Here is my answer: I will not withdraw from the election race, and I will win.”

Biden noted that some people, disregarding the votes of the people, want him to withdraw from the race.

In another gaffe, Biden said, “I’ll defeat Trump in 2020.”

“I’m not too old to beat Trump”

Saying he knows he needs to get up after falling, Biden stated, “I won’t let a 190-minute debate erase 3.5 years of work.”

Responding to criticism about his age, Biden said, “I wasn’t too old to achieve successes during my presidency.”

“I’m not too old to beat Trump,” Biden added, calling Trump “the biggest liar and the greatest threat.”

Biden described Trump as “not just a convicted criminal but a crime wave on his own.”

When asked what happened on the night of the debate, Biden said, “I was very sick, feeling very bad.”

Biden mentioned having a bad night, adding, “Trump was yelling even when the microphone was off. That distracted me. That wasn’t the only issue, but I couldn’t control it much.”

Asked if he had rewatched the debate, Biden replied, “No, I think I haven’t.”

“I’m the man who brought down Putin”

Regarding his lagging in polls, Biden said, “I don’t believe in polls.”

Biden argued that no one is more qualified than him to be president, saying, “I am the most qualified person to beat Trump.”

Asked if he sees himself as president for another four years, Biden did not give a clear answer but indicated that he would unite NATO, saying, “I’m the man who brought down Putin.”

Regarding his critics, Biden said those people “don’t know what they are talking about.”

Biden reiterated that he would not withdraw from the election race, saying only God could convince him to do so.

“I go through an examination every day with what I do”

Avoiding a direct answer about whether he would accept a mental health examination, Biden said, “I go through an examination every day with what I do.”

Biden noted that he is not just running a campaign, stating, “I run the world. It might sound like an exaggeration, but it’s not; we are the country at the center of the world.”

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