Hours after being released by Israel, Palestinian detainees were killed and several others injured on Saturday after being targeted with an artillery shell in eastern Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, Anadolu has learned.

A Palestinian survivor who was among those released told the news agency that Israel army released approximately 15 Palestinians.

“We were workers securing aid trucks and were arrested four days ago in the Gaza airport area, east of Rafah, while awaiting their arrival,” he said.

The released detainee, who chose to remain anonymous, said that “upon reaching the main road in Rafah city, Israeli soldiers fired a shell at us, resulting in the deaths and injuries of approximately seven individuals. The other workers fled the area.”

Regarding their treatment in prison, the Palestinian said “the army forces subjected us to physical torture and humiliation, throwing us on the ground, walking over our bodies, and even urinating on us.”

Periodically, the Israeli army releases Palestinian detainees arrested in its ground offensive on Gaza, which began after a cross-border incursion by Hamas on Oct. 7, 2023. Upon release, detainees report enduring various forms of severe torture inside Israeli detention centers, resulting in deep wounds and permanent disabilities.

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