Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Friday criticized EU Foreign policy chief Josep Borrell’s statement on the ongoing Russian war on Ukraine as “Brusselian bureaucratic nonsense.”

It “yielded no results in finding a way to #peace in the Russia-Ukraine war,” Orban wrote on X. “If we want to end the war we need a political approach instead of a bureaucratic one.”

Borrell wrote Friday on X about Orban’s visit to the Russian capital.

“The EU position on Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine is reflected in many European Council conclusions,” he said.

“That position excludes official contacts between the EU and President (Vladimir) Putin,” he said. “The Hungarian Prime Minister is thus not representing the EU in any form.”

The statement added that Orban’s visit to Moscow takes place exclusively in the framework of relations between Hungary and Russia.

Hungary took over the European Union‘s rotating presidency for six months on Monday, taking the reins from Belgium.

Hungary’s EU presidency, led by Orban, coincides with the reshaping of EU governance following the June 6 – 9 European Parliament elections, which saw the right-wing make gains.

Although a dynamic legislative process is not anticipated, Budapest’s political vision is expected to weigh large.

There has been tension in recent years between Hungary’s government and the EU leadership about what it sees as a decline in democratic principles in the country.

A legal process is being carried out against the country on the grounds that it violates the bloc’s law and a significant portion of the amount that Hungary could receive from EU funds has been blocked for this reason.

Hungary has also opposed EU sanctions on Russia for the Ukraine war.

Hungary will hand the post to Poland on Jan. 1.

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