Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has confirmed he will attend the national team’s Euro 2024 quarter-final against the Netherlands in Berlin on Saturday and hopes that the affair around defender Merih Demiral will be over by then.

Erdoğan told the Anadolu news agency that Demiral had only shown his “excitement” when he made the grey wolf salute after scoring in the last-16 match against Austria.

Demiral was suspended by UEFA for two matches for the grey wolf salute gesture.

Erdogan described criticism of the incident as excessive, saying: “Does anyone say anything about the fact that there’s an eagle on the Germans’ shirts? Does anyone say anything about the fact that the French have a cockerel on their shirts and why they act like cockerels?”

The president said he would be at the match and expressed hope that “the whole thing is over on Saturday when we leave the pitch as winners and reach the next round.”

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