Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Sunday criticized Israel’s actions in the region, urging it to halt “inhumane” attacks on Gaza.

“Israel should stop insisting on continuing these massacres and end these inhumane attacks,” President Erdoğan told journalists on his return flight from Germany.

“To date, it is Israel that has insisted on attacks and continued massacres. It is Israel that tramples on human rights, and international law,” he added.

Erdoğan also expressed concerns over Israel’s regional ambitions, stating: “They (Israeli leaders) threaten Lebanon to relieve themselves. Israel must abandon its intention to spread conflicts in the region.”

Turning to Türkiye’s relationship with Syria, Erdoğan also signaled a potential thaw in relations.

“The moment Bashar al-Assad takes a step towards improving relations with Türkiye, we will reciprocate that approach,” he said, emphasizing a willingness to mend ties.

He further noted: “We will extend an invitation to Assad. We want to bring Türkiye-Syria relations back to the same point as in the past.”

Addressing relations with Iran, Erdoğan underscored the importance of the historical and cultural ties between the two countries.

“Iran is an important neighbor with whom we have historical, cultural ties. I expect Türkiye-Iran ties to develop in a positive direction in the new period,” he stated.

Erdoğan also highlighted the strategic partnership with the UK, vowing to strengthen it further. “We will continue to enhance relations with our ally UK in every field in the new period,” he affirmed.

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