The Belgian Vlaams Belang and Dutch Party for Freedom have backed the Patriots for Europe, a new right-wing group by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in the European Parliament.

“There is a new wind blowing in Europe. Nationalist parties are stronger than ever. It is time for less EU and less immigration out of our love for Europe,” Vlaams Belang leader Tom Van Grieken said on X.

Geert Wilders said his Party for Freedom also supports the group to “protect Judeo-Christian heritage.”

“We are PVV-patriots, we love our nation. Strong and sovereign. Resisting illegal immigration.”

“We defend peace and freedom. And support (Ukraine). We protect our Judeo-Christian heritage. And our families. We want to combine forces in the EP and will proudly join #PatriotsforEurope!,” he said on X.

Other far-right parties in Europe are also supporting the new group that will meet in Brussels on Monday, and could make Orban a hard-right force in the EU parliament.

Hungary took over the EU’s rotating presidency this month.

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