Occasional showers in some parts of the country starting from Wednesday, with more rain on Friday, air temperatures will decrease in the central and western regions and then rise again, General Directorate of Meteorology Weather Forecast expert Yusuf Ziya Yavuz reported.

Yavuz also said that high temperatures will continue across the country, adding: “Although it will decrease slightly on Friday, high temperatures will still be effective throughout the country during the week. However, we expect rain to start in the western parts of our country as of today. There was rain in the eastern Black Sea region and the northeast of eastern Anatolia yesterday. We expect these rains to continue today, and we expect thunderstorms and showers, especially in the inner areas of the eastern Black Sea region and the northeast of eastern Anatolia.

“We expect the new system, light rain and scattered showers to be seen in our western regions, in Thrace, around Edirne, Kırklareli and Tekirdağ. Today, scattered showers and thunderstorms will be seen in the inner Aegean lake region, northwest of central Anatolia, and inner parts of the western Black Sea region.”

Heavy rain warning

Yavuz stated that air temperatures are still quite high, saying: “It is around 36 degrees Celsius (97 degrees Fahrenheit) in the capital Ankara and about 34 degrees in Istanbul. This weather system will begin to show more impact starting Thursday. Thunderstorms and showers will affect the Marmara, northern and coastal Aegean, inner parts of the western Black Sea region and northeast of central Anatolia. We expect these conditions to extend to northern inland areas on Friday and northeastern regions on Saturday.”

“Rain, particularly heavy and very heavy in places, is expected, especially along the coastal areas of the eastern Black Sea starting Saturday. We advise citizens in these coastal areas to exercise caution, especially on Saturday and Sunday. With rain expected on Friday, temperatures will drop by 2 to 3 degrees, particularly in the Central and Western regions,” he added.

Temperature to rise again

Pointing out that the air temperature in Ankara is currently 36 degrees Celsius, Yavuz explained: “The air temperature will drop to 34 degrees on Thursday and 28 degrees on Friday, but we expect it to increase again over the weekend. After a one-day cooling, we expect temperatures above 30 degrees to be seen again, across the country. We expect southerly winds to be effective in the western parts of our country on Wednesday and Thursday.”

“There is a possibility of light dust transport in the western regions on Thursday. We can still see a slight reduction in visibility, although not much. There is a possibility of light, muddy rain in places. But we do not expect effective dust transport,” he continued.

Emphasizing strong winds on Wednesday and Thursday, especially in the western regions, Yavuz said: “High temperatures will continue for the next two days. We recommend that our citizens, especially those living in coastal areas, not enter the forest area. There is a possibility of forest fires. We need to be very careful about this. Generally speaking, high temperatures are effective throughout the country. We recommend that we pay attention to our forests.”

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